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Custom Overhangs Can Be Expensive. Find a Custom Tarp Today

I had a simple chore: to keep our stuff devoid of water. My wife and I live in the woozy rain of Seattle, Washington, where a gap in anything will be filled quickly with rain. Which is why us doomed to live in the Northwest could use all the assistance available when it comes to keeping our possessions dry. As for me, I have a motorcycle, a go-cart, and a lawn mower sitting next to my home with no protection. To protect them I cover them all with specially designed fabric seat covers for jeep wrangler to stop moisture from damaging my cool toys.

RV Covers, Awnings, Shade Screen, Patio Enclosures & Canopies

These canvasses do a great job at keeping possessions protected, and they are more affordable than building an awning. Too bad all that stuff can't fit in my patio area. It's quite simple for me to carry with me everywhere.

I'm thrilled my possessions has a way to endure the rain. I just hope they make something to help me.