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Not Everything Fits in Storage. How to Guard What Doesn't Fit

My calling seemed easy, but it wasn't. My wife and I live in rainy Bend, Oregon, where showers are more common than bikes. That's why us Northwesteners could use all the help we can get in regards to keeping our valuables dry. And I have many belongings that need protecting: a motorcycle, a boat, and an ATV. To take care of them I use custom fabric Mahindra Retriever custom seat covers to stop moisture from damaging my stuff.

Custom Covers

These canvasses do a fantastic job at keeping moisture out, and they are more affordable than purchasing and installing an overhang. Too bad all those things can't fit in my patio enclosure. They even feature snap buttons to guarantee long-term durability.

The downpours will go on but at least there is some affordable protection.